How can Computers 4 Africa help?

  • When you donate IT to Computers 4 Africa you are fully complying with  WEEE legislation and our service is 100% free.

  • You are also being environmentally friendly as we operate a 0% to landfill policy.

How does WEEE affect me?

The WEEE Directive affects every organisation & business that uses electrical equipment, it states you are responsible for ensuring your WEEE is correctly treated and reprocessed. Since 2006 all electrical waste material must be disposed of through registered agents; landfill sites are being charged an increased rate of landfill tax year on year. 

A business user is not obliged to send their equipment back to the producer; they can choose where they would like their equipment to go. The good news   is that the Directive actively encourages the re-use equipment over recycling.

So by donating your equipment to Computers 4 Africa you are prioritising       re-use and repurpose and fully complying with the Directive.

"The Regulations do not restrict or prevent you donating EEE for reuse".   (from the Government guidelines on the WEEE Directive Paragraph 224)


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