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Digital Campus

Teaching and  Learning Portal

Digital Pipeline works a partner eco-system of Systems Integrators, ISPs and independent software vendors for deploying ICT solutions and services. Our portal platform is based on Microsoft Azure.


Our 'Digital Campus' blueprint combines the best of Microsoft's offerings plus local solutions.

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Engaging Students

Help them to engage in a digital world that offers new ways to learn

Help them to engage with content, context, and tools that are relevant to their learning

Help them to benefit when collaboration increases


Empowering Teachers

Improve student attention, learning, and achievement

Accommodate special needs and diverse learning styles

Improve efficiency with students, parents, colleagues, and admin.

Incorporate current events and digital content into lesson plan


With state-of-the-art programs, shape perceptions of students, parents, teachers and the community making it easier to attract and retain teachers

Achieve higher exam results with more involved students

Improve multimedia literacy, which is an exciting part of 21st Century required skills

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Improving District Education