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Supporting Local Deployment 
& Building Future Lives

Digital Entrepreneurs are locally based, they comprise of young businesses, start ups, individuals and other entrepreneur enterprises that will act as champions, business and usage drivers, growth stimulators and evangelists – especially around the Digital Campus deployment.

Through a network of such entrepreneurs, deployed solutions are sustained and developed, enabling growth and innovation.

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Local Champions

Young businesses, start ups, individuals and other enterprises

Help drive local deployment of ICT solutions

Help drive operations, usage and adoption of e-Learning systems


Local Involvement

Work with education and health facilities within district

Drive uptake and adoption of digital services to facilitate lives

Develop ICT hubs to promote digital services to the wider district


Local ownership of deployed solutions to ensure grassroots involvement and richer end-user experiences

Encourages local business development, aids national economies plus helps reverses the ‘brain drain’ migration issues

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Local Ownership